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Projecthrive X Christy Dawn

Projecthrive is proud to report its latest collaboration with Christy Dawn. Our impact reporting initiative helps brands leverage stories to deepen consumer loyalty. Through beautiful imagery, thoughtfully designed collateral, a focus on an ethos of connection, transparency, clarity of impact and due credit to heritage we help you do good and augment your brand.

Christy Dawn has partnered with Projecthrive to create these products that employed 10 block print artisans for 125 workdays. This collaboration provided both economic opportunity and representation to women with virtually no access to education and helped provide for their families.

Block printing is a traditional artisanal technique native to Rajasthan in west India and uses wood-carved blocks to stamp patterns onto fabric one repeat at a time. Each meter of fabric is printed a motif at a time by a generational artisan and takes several hours to print. Projecthrive initiative has been capacity building and training these communities and connecting them with socially minded brand such as Christy Dawn since 2009.

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Through the utilization of hand block printing rather than machine printing, we’ve reduced 285 kg of CO2 emissions in the production of these garments.

Through this collaboration by using hand block printing instead of machine printing, we have saved 2817 kWh of electricity.

Join forces with us as we strive to empower brands to make a genuine and enduring positive impact on society and the environment through respectful artisan partnerships, sustainable design, fair trade production, and the implementation of impactful sustainable business strategies tailored to your needs.

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