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Projecthrive X Hansen and Gretel
Projecthrive X Hansen and Gretel

Projecthrive X Hansen and Gretel

Hansen & Gretel has partnered with Projecthrive to create these products that employed 15  artisans for 105 days. This collaboration provided both economic opportunity and representation to women with virtually no access to education and helped provide for their families.

Images credit to Hansen and Gretel
Hansen & Gretel X Projecthrive
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Hansen and gretel gif1

Through this collaboration by using handloom fabric instead of power loom fabric we have saved 511.5 Kwh of electricity.

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Artisan handloom
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These fabrics have been painstakingly created by an weaving community located in the village in Kerala. Each weaver is able to make no more than a few meters a day using handlooms which conserves the energy.

Projecthrive has been partnering with these communities to connect them with the global market since 2009.

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Images credit to Eco Age


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Partner with us to source your products responsibly. Our regenerative, organic and artisan supply chains and women’s empowerment and waste recycling programs are backed by certifications, metrics , stories , photos and videos demonstrating the process, showcasing the makers and much much more.