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Projecthrive X Rhode

Rhode has partnered with Projecthrive to create these products that employed 90 female artisans for 1333 workdays. This collaboration provided both economic opportunity and representation to women with virtually no access to education and helped provide for their families.

Crochet is hand made by female artisans who work from home in purdah. These orders are the only opportunity of income for these communities. Crochet is traditional to these communities who create ornate pieces for their wedding trousseaus using this skill. Projecthrive initiative has been capacity building and training these communities and connecting them with socially minded brand such as Rhode since 2019. 

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Rhode X Projecthrive

 Through the utilization of hand crochet rather than machine crochet, we’ve sequestered 85 kg of CO2 emissions in the production of these garments.

Through this collaboration by using hand crochet instead of machine crochet we have saved 200 Kwh of electricity.

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